Our people share a passion for lifesaving work and a vision for a future where all animals are well cared for and have loving homes.


The Española Valley Humane Society has come a long way since 1990, touching the lives of more than 135,000 companion animals since opening its doors. For the staff and volunteers at EVHS, our work isn’t merely a job, but our responsibility as humans. We’ve been able to attract the best and the brightest talent in shelter work today, because of our shared commitment to animal welfare.


Our mission is to end animal suffering due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in underserved communities.  And we’re here, without judgment, when surrendering a pet has become the only option. Our goal is to find every dog and cat in our care a happy and loving home. In the meantime, no one is turned away at our open doors.

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Bringing Hope to a Community Where Animal Welfare is Still Unknown

Española Valley Humane accepts every animal, regardless of how old, sick, neglected or abused. Our goal is to provide compassionate shelter and care to the thousands of animals that would otherwise have no refuge.  If we only accepted highly adoptable pets, the animals turned away would be at risk of being homeless, unwanted, and producing additional litters of homeless animals.  We ensure that these animals have a refuge from struggling on the streets or being neglected by a home where people have no time or resources to care for them.

brown pup 2Last year we placed 83% of our animals, mostly because of record-breaking efforts at shelter adoption events. Unfortunately there are a number of pets we accept that will not be candidates for re-homing due to major medical issues or aggression.  We’ve chosen to accept those animals rather than shift their euthanasia to another entity or force residents to take matters into their own hands.  They would risk being cruelly killed by people who don’t want them, dumped on roadsides left to die from starvation or being hit by a car.

We manage a city-owned animal shelter, which means that 91% of contributions go directly to the animals in our care.  Our programs focus on ending homelessness and addressing the needs of the animals that we serve. We strive to do the greatest good, given limited resources, to help the greatest number of animals.

Thank you for believing in our lifesaving work! Please consider supporting our work with a donation.


Priscilla Dakin, President

PJ Timmerman, Vice President

Richard DePippo, Treasurer

Anne Kain, Secretary

Suzanne Brandt

Jim Coffman

Carlos Duno

Susan Kiely

Dara McKinney

Bob Morgart

Loren Testa


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